Secret Weapons To Good Looking Natural Hair

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Natural hair is known to be delicate and can need extra care to make sure that hair breakage doesn’t occur. To keep your hair in good condition, it needs a balance between moisture and protein as one element cannot work efficiently without the other. 

Within the make-up of hair is the protein Keratin, which can be depleted with over styling and over colouring. Keratin works by smoothing down the cells that overlap to form your hair strands, and when there is enough of this protein in your hair it will create a fuller, glossier, and less frizzy look. The moisture in our hair binds with the protein and then together it can absorb and perform its hydrating duties.

“Natural hair requires protein and moisture for it to become and stay strong, reducing the chances of being brittle and causing breakage,” comments hair care brand Revlon Realistic Special Feeling. “If your hair is feeling dry increasing the moisture and protein in your hair can help with its condition. Be patient though, the results will not be overnight, but with constant treatment, your hair will reap the rewards.”

“There are different reasons as to why your hair would be lacking in moisture. Things such as your scalp producing not enough oil, over styling and over colouring as well as using products that are too harsh for your type of hair can all contribute to the lack of much-needed moisture in your hair,” explains Revlon Realistic Special Feeling. How you treat your hair will influence its health, and how it will look over time.

“Not everyone’s hair is the same and your type of hair will have an effect on its ability to retain moisture and depending on its porosity, which is how well your hair absorbs and retains water, will determine how you should moisturise your hair,” suggests Revlon Realistic Special Feeling.

If your hair has low porosity it has a tighter coil which makes it difficult to absorb or retain water. Use steam, warm water, or a heat cap to add moisture. Only add extra protein if you are sure that your hair is lacking in protein, as added protein can make your hair feel dry and stiff. Medium porosity hair is suitable for added protein, however, if your hair does feel stiff after use, leave it for a little longer before your next treatment.

To add moisture to medium porosity hair use leave-in conditioners and moisturisers and seal with oil after wetting your hair. If your hair is high porosity you need to seal in the moisture. Leave-ins can be used daily, and different oils can be experimented with to see which suits your hair. Products with added protein provide and maintains strength.

Revlon Realistic’s range of Special Feeling products can aid in hair improvements. The Special Feeling Supersoft Activator contains glycerine and protein which provides moisture, softness, bounce, and extra shine. It can be used on both wet and dry hair, though your hair may feel softer when applied to wet hair. The activator is perfect for use on all hair types and depending on the condition of your hair results may vary due to time and usage. However, an immediate result will be seen and will mark the start of your hair health journey. 

“Your hair is your crowning glory and sets the tone for first impressions. If you are not happy with your hair, there is no need to give up and invest in a collection of hats, rather act and do something about it. Hats aren’t always trending, but good-looking hair will always make a statement,” says Revlon Realistic Special Feelings.

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