Men With Dry, Itchy Scalp Are A Turn-Off – Poll

Over 80 percent of women find men with a dry, itchy scalp a turn off, according to a new poll. And, men with the condition – which affects one in four males – say it’s embarrassing and agree it’s unattractive.

The survey, by market researchers, Beauty Bulletin, on behalf of Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Liquid, polled 712 women, 81% of whom said men with a dry, itchy scalp were a turn off. In a separate poll of 268 men with dry, itchy scalp, 88% were embarrassed or self-conscious about the condition, while 96% believed it was unattractive.

Only a third were using a product for a dry scalp with most achieving mediocre (41%), low (34%) or no (19%) success. The findings follow surveys in South Africa, Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore which found about 25% of men polled had a dry scalp and most were using an anti-dandruff rather than a moisturising product for the problem.

Global hair expert Dr Adolf Klenk says dry scalp causes fine, dry, itchy flakes and trying to counter this with an anti-dandruff application may be exacerbating the problem.

“A dry scalp needs a mild, moisturizing intervention such as Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Liquid applied directly to the scalp or applied after washing hair with Alpecin Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo,” said Klenk, from the German-based Dr Wolff Group which discovered that a caffeine-based formula helps counter hair loss* in men and women. (* without a result of a medical condition)