Care For Your Braids This Winter Season

Regardless of popularity, braids have always been an inextricable part of Black culture.

Braids have been long associated with women but now the association has transcended and men can also have them as a fashion statement.

However, the main concern with braids comes when you have to care for them to ensure they last long and they help your hair grow.  Here are some ways to care for your braids this winter season

Clean the braids & scalp at least once a week 

A nice shampoo goes a long way when dealing with braids. With the build-up of dirt and sweat in your hair, your pores can get clogged up and end up affecting your hair growth and health. Remember not to rub the braids against each other and to wash them using a vertical movement. After shampooing the hair opt for hot oil treatment to comfort your stressed scalp. 

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Moisturizing is key to caring for hair, when it is braided. With Long & Lasting’s Braid & Dread Spray with Shine, your scalp is protected. A good braid spray helps protect your scalp from itchiness. This will keep your braids intact and keep them shiny. 

Night Protection

When it is time to sleep try to keep your braids wrapped up to avoid making them frizzy and dry. A good way to do this is to try and invest in a good bonnet that will trap moisture. 

Try to untie your hair and let it down a few minutes before you put it in the bonnet. Do not pull your hair too tight when styling it at night, styling hair so tight before you sleep will start to affect your hairline. 

For the next 4 weeks, your braids will make a fashion statement. This is because braids have always been so popular among black women in the hair community. Caring for your braids saves you money and also helps your hair to be more healthy. 

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