5 Tips To Getting You A Healthy Hairline

hairline tips
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One thing that a lot of people worry about when it comes to their hair, is much concern over the edges. Some people have really thin hairlines, and it can be a source of frustration. However, by using good products you will find that there is real hope in regrowing your edges, even if you have struggled with them for your entire life. 

Here are 5 tips to improve your sticky hair situation.

Tip 1: Stop adding tension to your hair and scalp

Usually the first instinct for many people would be to tie our hair in ponytail style be it when we have braids or unbraided hair, however the best advice would be to avoid this as it puts tension on your hair by constantly pulling it and stressing it. Rather let you braid hang loosely or jell up you hair using products such as Long and Lasting Braid Spray or the ORS Castor Oil braid spray 

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ORS Black Castor Oil & Keratin Braid Spray  
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Long and Lasting Braid Spray
Tip 2: Stimulate your Scalp 

Stimulate your scalp by the use of healthy oils and then massage the scalp. Making use of different Oils for your hair makes it easy to grow your hair. Hair loves and enjoys stimulation. So when you have a minute apply some oil and massage that scalp to foster new hair growth.

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A scalp stimulator
Tip 3: Add Some Nutrients to the hair 

Our hair is very dependent on the different nutrients that we feed it. However, we have to actively feed it some of these nutrients, for instance, one can make use of homemade masques Wellness Warehouse by Benmore Centre has different ingredients to help you create a healthy product. However, if you want to you can buy some such as Vatika Afro Naturals Hair Masque Conditioning or alternatively one can make use of the ORS Hair Mayonnaise. The products rejuvenates hair and gives it a chance to regrow and recover your edge

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ORS Hair Mayonnaise 
Tip 4: Rest that Weave or Wig 

It seems like a good idea to always rock a weave and or wig because they save time and help you look diverse but however the products are problematic as they cut off your hair making your edges fall off and leave your hair stressed. Experts advise that you hang up that wig for a few times…. or you can pop by Ice Cube Bryanston shopping Centre and choose a nice female hat… you can choose from various kinds as they have a promotion right now on different kinds of hats. In the meantime, while not rocking your weave or wig look you can make use of the Vatika Afro Naturals Curls defining Cream to help moisturize your hair and create those curls or alternatively you can make use of some ORS Curls Unleashed Cream to enhance those curls. 

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ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Creme 
Tip 5: Care for those Edges 

If your edges have been ruined already then there’s no need to panic… you can recover them. Long and Lasting Triple Oil Rescue will help you recover your edges and have your hairline full. 

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Long and Lasting triple Rescue