GLAD Has You Covered This Easter

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It’s Easter time again! We all know what that means; cooking, food, chocolate, family… Whatever your plans, whether big or small, with a few tips from GLAD, your Easter can be made a little easier – we’ve got you covered!

We can’t imagine our home without some little helpers from GLAD; whether preparing food or saving leftovers; here are some trusted favourites:

Whether it’s a roast chicken, fish, lamb, or some fresh veggies, use GLAD Oven Bags to maintain all the goodness, juiciness and flavour without the oil or mess for a hearty family meal. You can even use these in the microwave! Available in different sizes.

When baking, GLAD’s Bake and Cooking Paper with 20% better non-stick performance eliminates the need to grease trays with oil or butter.

Even when frying, GLAD’s Bake and Cooking Paper enables you to cook with less mess and no oil, simply line your frying pan with the paper, as it withstands temperatures of 230 degrees, and fry as usual. It can also be used in microwave and convection ovens. This means that chicken wings will come out golden brown and sticky – but your pans won’t – meaning less to clean too!

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