The Impact Of Fragrance And Wardrobe Pairing

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The fragrance has the remarkable ability to create a lasting impression, uplift our spirits, and elevate our fashion game. Shakil Ahmad, from the Perfume brand Gold Series, says that fragrance has become the ultimate fashion accessory, enhancing, and elevating a look.

Consider the classic little black dress – a timeless fashion staple that brings elegance and sophistication. By adding a touch of fragrance, like a spritz of a fresh citrus scent like Serendipity by Gold Series, that dress comes alive, taking the existing sophistication to a level that truly radiates your own individual personality.

Ahmad walks us through five of his favourite fashion and fragrance pairings:

1. Cable knit sweater
Pair it with a comforting scent with notes of vanilla or cinnamon, and the combination of texture, fit, and fragrance brings the outfit together like never before. It’s these small details that can transform an outfit into a personal expression of who you are, no matter your budget.

2. A summer dress
A light and fresh fragrance with floral notes like rose or jasmine and citrus undertones like lemon or bergamot, perfectly complements the femininity and airiness of a summer dress, enhancing the overall feel of the outfit and the warm weather.

3. Casual jeans and a tee
The casual and laid-back style of jeans and a tee calls for a fragrance that’s effortlessly fresh and clean. Aquatic and green notes provide a refreshing vibe, while the woody undertones add a touch of sophistication.

4. A power suit
The oriental notes of patchouli and amber provide a sense of depth and richness, creating a feminine and empowering fragrance that perfectly complements your commanding presence in the power suit. Step into the room with grace and poise, leaving a lasting and memorable impression on everyone around you.

5. Athleisure wear
Athleisure wear is all about comfort and functionality. A fresh and sporty fragrance with citrus and green notes harmonises with the active and energetic nature of athleisure outfits, making it perfect for a day of casual activities.

Fashion should be fun, light, and a reflection of our true selves. The fragrance has become the magic potion that empowers everyone, regardless of background or budget, to unleash their inner fashionista. It’s about finding that perfect scent that resonates with your personality, adding that extra touch of enchantment to your wardrobe.

So, dare to experiment, mix and match, and let your fashion sense be elevated with the power of fragrance.
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