Virtual Concert To Entertain Audiences In Lockdown

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South African singer and songwriter, Carlo Abrahams, is back with a new musical production – set to entertain audiences throughout the lockdown, via the comfort of your own home.

I CAN-CER VIVE with Carlo Abrahams, Elwira Standili and Cheswyn Ray, is the latest concert experience that Abrahams is excited to offer to his devout audiences.

The Worcester-born artist, Carlo Abrahams, together with former Idols finalist Elwira Standili and Maak My Famous winner Cheswyn Ray, will perform on 12 September 2020 and is excited to bring “a concert like no other” to audiences watching online.

“It’s been such a tough time for artists across South Africa this year, but the lockdown hasn’t stopped my love for entertaining and being on stage. I wanted to put this concert together to spread the love and to encourage everyone to be a part of this musical journey,” shares Abrahams.

The ‘I CAN-CER VIVE’ campaign is aimed at those who conquered cancer and rose victoriously. Fellow musicians and good friends, Standili and Ray, will join forces with Abrahams to celebrate the strength and perseverance of all survivors.

Says Abrahams: “We are putting a full programme together so that everyone will be entertained by our performance. We will be performing most popular secular songs with one or two gospel songs added to the mix.”

Last year Abrahams hosted a similar concert in Worcester, with all the proceeds of this event went mainly to CANSA – benefiting people that passed away with cancer. Having lost his father to cancer in November 2015, Abrahams says he can relate to the devastating effect this dreadful disease has on people.

“Somehow, we all have been affected and know someone who has succumbed to this monster. Initially, cancer seems like a death sentence, but the close family and friends who help fight this enemy know that one is far from being helpless. Treatment options are getting more affordable and the rate of recovery, ever-increasing,” he explains.

He adds: “Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these survivors reach for their dreams as they find joy and happiness once more and that’s why it’s important to musical artists such as myself and the others joining me for the concert, to highlight this noteworthy cause.”

Paying tribute to his father, Abrahams wrote and recorded the single “Dad I Miss You” in November 2018 (which is currently available at all leading digital platforms). Every cloud indeed has a silver lining. Abrahams says this year’s event is set to benefit our cancer survivors.

“This year once again I choose to donate all proceedings once again to CANSA, benefiting the Boland/Overberg region. Sometimes we tend to forget what about our survivors, but they really need to be kept motivated. They still need us.”

Tickets for this much-anticipated show can be purchased via  and are priced between R50 each.