Bright Future Beckons For Go-Getting Engen Trainee

In her happy place Gretchin Davids is on the Engen graduate programme (003)
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Gretchin Davids says her secret to success is understanding that when things don’t work out, you must learn how to pick yourself up and try again.  

“We can’t always plan life or the path we take, some things do happen for a reason and mine was to pursue my studies.”   

High praise is reserved for her parents for being very supportive of her dreams and aspirations. “They taught me to never give up when faced with adversity and they are the reason I’m the brave, optimistic go-getter I am today.” 

Gretchin’s advice to other young South Africans looking to get ahead and pursue their dreams is to fight for their goals, no matter what, and to never give up. “Build a strong support system, be it family or friends because it will make you stronger in moments of doubt or uncertainty and give you strength.  

“Stay positive, even when you feel you are not progressing and take any challenge or obstacle one day at a time,” she adds. 

Youth Month allows Engen to reflect on the ongoing assistance it provides gifted South Africans like Gretchin, who is developing into a business leader of tomorrow via the company’s graduate development programme. In 2019, Engen recognised Gretchin’s achievements and overall academic excellence, inviting her to be part of the Engen Graduate Development Programme.   

The resident of Plumstead in Cape Town currently works in the supply chain division at Engen’s corporate headquarters in the Mother City, an opportunity she describes as “truly phenomenal.”  “I’m so grateful to Engen for providing me with this opportunity because I have learnt so much over the past three years,” says the Rustenburg Girls High School alumna. 

“The programme has challenged me and taken me out of my comfort zone, broadening my knowledge and understanding of the workplace, and is teaching me how to communicate with people and handle various work situations.” After matriculating in 2013, Gretchin pursued a Business Administration degree followed by a B.Com Honours degree in Information Systems at the University of the Western Cape (UWC).  

She continues to further her education and is currently completing a master’s degree at UWC in Information Management: E-Logistics. And with the responsibilities of a corporate job and the workload presented by her studies, how does she manage stress? 

“At the gym, outdoors on a hike or playing hockey is where you’ll find me. I see sport and exercise as my outlet and a safe place to help me relax and recoup. I also enjoy motivational webinars and spending time with friends and family.” 

When quizzed on her concerns about the world, Gretchin says she is deeply saddened by the violence, racism, and poverty that is still rife in South Africa.  “I do play a small part offering my time and donations to various organisations, but especially as a young woman in the South African context, the level of gender-based violence is extremely concerning.”   

Gretchin’s passion and internal drive motivates her to get up every morning and balance her work and studies.  “I dream of financial freedom and being able to travel the world and experience new cultures.  

“I want happiness and fulfilment in both my work and personal life and firmly believe that if I use my strengths to my advantage, one day I will be the best possible version of myself.”  

Continuing to attract and grow talented young minds like Gretchin Davids, demonstrates Engen’s ongoing commitment to developing our countries future experts and leaders.   

In 2020, the company invested R9.8 million in Learnerships and Bursaries. They also continue to provide supplementary Maths, Science and Technology tuition to approximately 1 800 under-privileged Grade 10-12 learners across South Africa through the Engen Maths and Science School programme. 

It is why Engen is passionate about progress and seeks to provide opportunities for talented young adults to explore new horizons, reach their goals and shine.