The Science Of Attraction

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The definition of attraction is when we like someone or something, much like that feeling when you see a captivating piece of art or taste a delicious dessert and can’t help but smile. But why do we feel attracted to some things, some people yet not others? As it turns out, falling in love is all to do with the brain and not our hearts, sending the rest of the body into a tailspin.

Zaweer Ebrahim from fragrance brand Playgirl talks us through the simple science of attraction.

Looks matter

When you first look at someone, how they look can grab your attention. Maybe you really like their smile or the way they are dressed. The reason being that our brains enjoy certain things about how people look. But remember, appearances are just the very beginning.

Personality magic

Attraction goes beyond just physical appearance. People with positive personalities hold a special appeal. Being kind, having a good sense of humour, and being a good listener can make someone even more attractive. It’s like having a magnetic personality that draws others in with friendliness and warmth.

Similar interests

Meeting someone who shares your favourite game or hobby is like finding a kindred spirit, forming an instant connection that transcends mere conversation. Shared interests create a unique bond, providing a sense of belonging and making every moment spent together all the more enjoyable.

Smells and sounds

We don’t just see and talk to people; we also smell and hear them. Good smells, like fresh flowers, can evoke feelings of attraction.

Feeling comfortable

When we are with someone who makes us feel safe and at ease, we tend to feel more drawn to them. It’s like discovering a comfortable and snug spot where we can relax and be ourselves, when all the layers of the day come off and we are able to unwind.

Chemistry spark

Sometimes, there’s an invisible spark between people that we refer to as chemistry – that thing that is so hard to explain but we have all felt it at some point in our lives, that immediate attraction that we feel towards someone.

Time and friendship

Attraction can grow over time. Being friends for some time can make attraction stronger, similar to planting a seed and watching it grow into a beautiful flower. “Remember, attraction is a natural part of life, and it’s different for everyone. Enjoy the journey of getting to know people and what attracts you to them.” – Zaweer Ebrahim

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