Fall In Love With The Wellness Benefits Of CBD

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You’ve swiped right on your dream date and it’s time to meet face to face – chances are the love in the air is totally overshadowed by the butterflies in your stomach.

Although dating anxiety is normal and experienced by most people, it can be debilitating for some and severely affect both your confidence levels and your performance (both during and post-date).

But there is a natural remedy to help you manage the symptoms of dating anxiety, explains Goodleaf community manager Amy Paterson, and to make sure you bag a second date.

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis plant and can produce numerous positive effects for health and wellness. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not result in the “high” that is commonly associated with fellow cannabis compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

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“One of CBD’s best-known benefits is as a mood enhancer and alleviator of anxiety. Taking CBD oil on a daily basis can help relieve the effects of stress and improve overall mental clarity,” he explains.

And CBD is not just to get you through the small talk – if your date goes well, CBD could become your new best friend in the bedroom.

CBD can up your game in the following ways, explains Paterson:

Happy go lucky

CBD is known for lifting your mood. Similar to some anti-anxiety treatments, CBD activates a type of serotonin receptor in the brain. An increase in serotonin (the chemical to be linked to happiness and wellbeing) helps bring down your levels of stress and anxiety, in turn elevating mood and providing a greater sense of focus.

Cool as a cucumber

Because CBD interacts with the serotonin receptors in our brains, it can help reduce excess mental activity and promote relaxation. This offers a calming effect on the central nervous system, which is both helpful for those first date jitters and unwinding after a busy day.

Ready for lift-off

You nailed the date, now it’s time to, well, nail the date. Forget your old massage oils and rather bring the CBD to the bedroom. When applied topically, CBD dilating your blood vessels and allows fresh, oxygenated blood to flow through them more easily. The benefits of this reach their peak in genital areas – the fresh, oxygenated blood is associated with increased arousal and stimulation.

Smooth sailing

CBD is a girl’s best friend when the lights are dimmed. CBD can help to reduce any pain or discomfort during sex. By relaxing the tissue surrounding your sex organs and getting your blood pumping, you’ll experience increased sensation, better lubrication and a significantly more comfortable journey to your big ‘O’.

Keep ‘em talking

Sometimes, they’re just not the one. If your date doesn’t live up to expectations and you’ve run out of things to say in the first few minutes, you can still turn to CBD. Strike up a chat around the numerous wellness benefits of CBD – such as its great promise in assisting with pain relief, aiding in sleep and easing anxiety, and the research into its proven efficacy as an anti-convulsant treatment for epilepsy. This should keep the conversation flowing at least long enough for your best friend to call and say your cat died.