10 Romantic Ideas For Your Special Someone

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As life starts to return to the new normal, routines are changing again, lifestyle and habits are too. With all of the change going on, couples need to stay connected. It is for this reason that as part of Forever Resorts’ #TogetherFOREVER campaign, we suggest these top 10 romantic ideas for your special someone:

Don’t put it off, make it a date. Cherish special moments and celebrate occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries rather than postpone them.

Double date. Although social gatherings are not yet permitted, use technology to your advantage and arrange a digital double date with your family or friends.

Support local. With the recent opening of local restaurants and takeaway outlets, spoil your special someone with a meal from their favourite restaurant.

Uninterrupted (no COVID-19 talk) time. Set time apart with your significant other where you catch up and talk about things unrelated to COVID-19, lockdown, and Coronavirus; instead, share some positive news and stories with each other.

Date night in. Plan a date night with your partner by kicking it up a notch. Get dressed up, set the table, prepare a delicious meal, and spend the night in as if you were at your favourite restaurant.

Many hands make light work. This one can be especially meaningful if your partner’s love language is acts of service. Help you partner with their chores and tasks around the house to lighten the load on their to-do list.   

Plan your next vacation. Take time with your partner and plan your next vacation together, places you would like to visit again, or places you haven’t explored.

Self-care session. A pamper session is a golden opportunity to spend quality time with your partner relaxing. Light some scented candles and create a peaceful home spa.

Surprise meals. Spending so much time with your partner can make surprises somewhat of a challenge. However, with some planning, you can surprise them with breakfast in bed or a delicious dinner.

Learn something new. Learning something as a couple can provide a valuable bonding experience; take the time to learn to dance or a new language. 

Honorary mention: We all know how healthy laughter is as it releases endorphins. For this reason, we suggest watching your favourite comedian or romantic comedy for a date.