Vegetable Seed Balls Created From Disposable Cups

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reCUP is the world’s first process dedicated to converting non-recyclable paper cups into groundbreaking, income-generating food sources.

The disposable cups are stripped of their plastic lining, and the paper fibres are converted into moulds containing vegetable seeds and soil. These Seed Cups are a fun way to grow vegetables in your own gardens or to contribute to food security in disadvantaged areas.

Each Seed Cup is handmade by our beneficiary community. The resulting rustic appearance assures you that these are not mass-produced on foreign shores and that local communities are earning a living from their creation.

reCUP is all about collaboration. We work with supply chain partners and brands who care about the environment,  to significantly reduce the millions of cups that are thrown in landfills each year.

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Let’s work together to create a more productive world.