Ten Steps To Office Inspiration

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Here are a few easy and quick steps you can take in your working day to help boost your inspiration levels. Adopting these simple habits could help to keep you motivated and thinking clearly and creatively all day.

1. Tidy desk, tidy mind

A cluttered, messy desk can make you feel stressed and disorganized – which in turn can cause lapses in motivation and inspiration. Dedicate a morning every few weeks to tidying your workspace. Get rid of any unwanted paper and documents that you’ve been hoarding and organize necessary papers into files or an in-tray. Be ruthless and clear away all unnecessary items.

2. Words of wisdom

If there’s a quote or a saying that you find particularly inspiring, place it somewhere prominent in your eye-line. This can be a desktop background or written on a sticky note you stick to your computer or desk. These few words might just spur you on through a difficult day in the office.

3. Change your seat

If possible, try to change your view once in awhile. Some offices make a regular reshuffle to help aid more interaction between teams. Having a change of view could give you a fresh outlook.

4. Keep track of positive feedback

Make sure you keep a record of positive feedback you’ve received. This could take several forms; perhaps it’s a letter from a satisfied client on an email of appreciation from a work colleague. Additionally, screenshot emails and messages and keep them in a folder on your desktop. Have this good feedback to hand, so you can have a quick read of it if you’re ever in need of a kick-start. 

5. Take breaks

If you’re busy at work, it can be tempting to work through lunch. Although sometimes unavoidable, it can actually prove unproductive not to take a proper break. It can be easy to lose concentration or motivation if you don’t allow yourself time away from your desk to recharge. Where possible, get away from your computer screen and take a walk in the fresh air at lunchtime – you’ll hopefully come back to the office refreshed and perhaps with a new perspective on a troublesome task.

6. Stay hydrated

Dehydration can affect your concentration, so it’s wise to keep hydrated throughout your working day. If you struggle to remember to drink water, set yourself a regular reminder or start the day with a large bottle by your desk and aim to finish it by the end of the day.

7. Know when to switch tasks

Prioritizing is essential for any role, but it’s also important to recognize when it’s productive to switch tasks. If you’re struggling for inspiration and getting nowhere with a particular project, know when to change your direction and shift your focus for a while. Time away from a problem or a creative block can often be the way to overcome an obstacle.

8. Avoid negativity

There may be certain individuals in your workplace who promote negative energy and sap inspiration. Identify if there are any permanent pessimists in your office and try to avoid engaging in and contributing to their negativity.

9. Set clear goals

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or overall career goals, a clear sense of direction is vital for keeping inspiration and motivation levels high. Challenge yourself but be realistic and set achievable milestones/timeframes for your work.

10. Seek out useful resources

Look for interesting websites, books, blogs, and Twitter feeds that may be relevant and useful for your area of work. If inspiration isn’t immediate, you may need to seek it out and find helpful resources you can access when you need an ‘inspiration pick-me-up’. Reading personal accounts from people you admire and respect can give an injection of enthusiasm for your own career ambitions.

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