How To Make A Great Impression In Online Meetings

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Online meetings have become a huge part of our working lives and can be just as daunting as in-person meetings.

In the past few months, our careers’ success has become highly dependent on making a great impression, virtually. Jason Brooks, Managing Director at Cube Workspace shares some fundamental tips on how you can make a professional impression during virtual meetings.

Internet connectivity

Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection is fast and stable. Test which area of your house or office has the best Wi-Fi before your meeting. This will enable you to have a smooth and professional meeting, with no disconnections. 

Choose your surroundings

When you are setting up for your meeting, look behind you to see what may potentially be in sight, and remove it from the area. A clean and tidy backdrop is always a great start, especially now that many are working from home, one will need to be aware of what is going on in the background.

Look presentable 

This is one of the oldest rules in the book. Although working from home has allowed one to become more relaxed in their attire, looking presentable for a meeting is especially important, even though the meeting is not in person. Even if it’s just from the waist up, make sure that you’re proud of your presentation.    

Be conscious of your body language to portray confidence

Your body language says a lot and even though your meeting may be online, every move is being watched. Being confident is a great key to keep in mind when communicating, as it shows knowledge and self-assurance. Keep in mind that too much confidence may come across as arrogant, and that is not needed, especially not in a virtual meeting when body language isn’t as easy to read as when in-person. 

Important documents on standby

Having a virtual meeting certainly has its perks, just be sure to have the relevant material just a click away, in case they are required during the meeting. Links or documents can also be sent to the meeting group for all to view during the meeting. Perhaps create a new desktop folder with all files that may be required or useful for that particular meeting. This eliminates the need to panic and tries to search for the documents that are being requested.

Take notes

Always have a notebook and a pen or a tablet nearby to jot down ideas, questions, or notes that may be discussed in the meeting. This is also a great idea so that notes can be referred to after your meeting or webinar. A great way to make an impression and ensure that all are on the same page is to send meeting minutes within 24-hours after the meeting.

Test your meeting beforehand

If you are the host of the meeting, test your meeting well before the scheduled time, to ensure that you’re confident and know how your meeting platform of choice works; whether that’s Microsoft Teams, Zoom or another platform. This is specifically important should you be hosting a webinar or for an interview, as you will then have a better feel of what to expect if you are unfamiliar with the chosen platform. 

Unexpected Visitors 

You will be surprised how often this happens, with most of us working from home. It is absolutely fine for your child or pet to enter the room when you are busy with a meeting. It happens across the board and all you need to do is embrace it. The only thing to keep in mind is that if there are repetitive or loud sounds going on in the background, please mute your microphone, so as to disrupt the meeting as little as possible. You can send Cube Workspace an email to to enquire about their meeting rooms for hire, should you be looking for a quiet space to host your next meeting!