Sun City Empowers Female-Led Construction Company

VC3 Site Handover 21 Nov 2022 (26)
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Charlotte Mosito awarded Lefika Villa’s Reception area build

The pandemic may have caused Charlotte Mosito’s one-year-old construction company to stumble. Still, her perseverance has paid off after the 31-year-old businesswoman was awarded part of Sun City’s Vacation Club’s expansion project.

CPKM Group (Pty) Ltd T/A CPKM Services is the principal contractor for the Sun Vacation Club’s phase 3 Lefika Villas; they are responsible for building the reception and recreational areas. The first phase of development of Lefika Villas started in October 2022; upon completion, it will comprise of 48 three-bedroom villas and 10 four-bedroom villas, providing accommodation for an additional 400 guests.

There is also “The Face of Lefika” called the Recreational Facility, which will be the first point of contact with a natural ambience where guests will arrive for check-in, get to relax, read a book in the lounge, dine at the restaurant and enjoy a swim in the pool while the kids enjoy and explore the surrounding play areas.

Before this Big win, CPKM had done several small projects such as storm water drains and road reconstruction as a sub-contractor at the JST Hospital in Rustenburg as well as indoor security fencing installations for all NHC Medical branches in Gauteng Province. Charlotte expressed that she’s always on course and knocked on many doors seeking more rewarding opportunities; needless to say, “The Sun City project is massive and will boost my profile”, she said.

A steep learning curve

Mosito spent endless holidays at the resort as a child, clearly the finest in her home province. As a young adult, she managed a sunglass shop called Sunglass Boutique from 2017 to 2019 in Sun City’s Sun Central. “My love for Sun City has been passed down to my nine-year-old son, who has a keen interest in the project, even though he doesn’t fully understand the magnitude of it.”

She has always had an interest in running her own business and fascinated with infrastructure, and inevitably decided to venture into the world of construction. “I have always been intrigued by building something from the ground up and leaving behind a legacy for future generations. I acquired a strong basic foundation in Engineering Graphics and Design during my school years, which sparked my interest in pursuing further education in the construction-related fields. I am keen on expanding my knowledge in this domain and exploring avenues that will enable me to develop my expertise in this area”, She’s also recently completed a short course program in Construction Management at UCT. 

With several successful female mentors, Mosito drew on their experience and guidance to prepare herself to work in the male-dominated construction industry. “I was prepared for long days and the fact that that projects I bid on do not always land, meaning cashflow must be carefully managed.”  Here, her BCom Business Management from Unisa and the Construction Management short course from UCT has come in handy as it allows her to manage her company skillfully.

“There are days when I’ve been challenged, but I never give up. I network with other successful businesswomen and men on social media to create opportunities.”

Local Involvement

Meetings with architects are underway, and Mosito is working with all parties to ensure a superior development bolsters the province’s tourism. The deal included a provision that 30% of the build value must be allocated to local contractors, which is the case with CPKM Services.

“This arrangement will see skills transferred, helping them to secure further work opportunities in the future. The bulk of workers will come from Moses Kotane municipality, and staff will also be sourced from the Sun City door-step communities,” said Tebogo Mokgejane, Sun City’s Socio-Economic Development and Stakeholder Engagement Manager.

CPKM Services had 2 permanent and 4 part-time employees, which has grown to 22 employees to meet the project’s requirements.

Lefika Villas is an extension of Sun City’s perennially popular Vacation Club. It proves that the resort is putting its money where its mouth is in terms of women empowerment and local community development. Mokgejane said that by including women and youth from local communities in the project, Sun City affirmed its Local Socio-Economic Development Strategy. “We are pleased to contribute to eradicating poverty and the sustainability of the local economy through skills development and job creation.”

“It will be a legacy that will be remembered for years,” said Mokgejane of the project, which was officially handed over to CPKM on 21 November 2022 by Sun City General Manager Brett Hoppé.

Mr Abe Magashoa, Local Economic Development (LED) manager from the Moses Kotane Municipality, where Sun City is located, said the planned upgrades were an exciting progression for the popular resort. “We are grateful to Sun City for continuing to grow tourism in the area with this most recent investment,” he said.

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