Skinesiology: What Is Vibrational Skincare?

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Skinesiology vibrational skincare: based on the principles of kinesiology, a body based vibrational therapy connecting body and mind to raise your vibration and maintain emotional well-being.

Vibrational skincare is everything that skincare aspires to: personal, clean and inspirational.

Vibrational skincare consists of vibrational ingredients that facilitating physical and emotional energy shift providing a radiant healthy skin free from emotional tension and stress. The vibrational ingredients are absorbed into the skin where they energize and balance your skin to its natural vibrant beauty.

Vibrational skincare is by its nature, skincare that is clean, pure, and vegan. Vibrational ingredients means the process is organic, sustainable and respectful to extract the full potential of the physical properties and spirit of the plant.

At skinesiology we unlocked a raise your vibration system where each product vibrates at a different vibration balancing your emotional state, leaving you lighter and radiating from within (inner beauty).

We believe that the vibrating energy of nature /botanicals can be transferred to your skin as an energy imprint (that holds a specific vibration) enhancing the flow of life-force energy to the skin. Our revolutionary & proprietary formulas include vibrational ingredients, flower essences and rhythmically prepared botanicals. These unique processes extract and preserve the life force of the botanical, giving your skin the optimal gift of restoration.

As the impact of stress affects your physical body and aging appearance, skinesiology vibrational skincare reduces your emotional stress; achieve a radiant and glowing skin through vibrational (emotional well-being) skincare.

Our freshly harvested botanicals are harvested on a certified organic farm using biodynamic farming practices. The rhythmically extracted botanicals are picked by hand according to the calendar month’s day for harvesting. They are manually chopped and crushed and then exposed for seven days to the natural dynamic rhythms of life; at the times of the day, dusk and dawn, where the earth’s energy is at its maximum.

When the extracts are not being exposed, they are stored in a sacred space lined with peat moss to exclude external forces from entering. The extracts are manufactured using a natural fermentation technique and mature for up to 9 months where the pH is monitored constantly.

Using skinesiology vibrational skincare as a part of your daily mindful beauty routine; it transforms and balances your energy to feel and be your best self. This is the ultimate beauty product to radiate from within.

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