Rosario Dawson’s Beauty Routine

Rosario Dawson’s Beauty Routine Includes Masking With a Side of Meditation. She loves to meditate while doing a face mask. If you think about it, it’s actually kind of a genius way to kill two birds with one stone, to borrow a gruesome metaphor. However, when you’re as busy as the actor and activist is these days, you learn to make the most of your down time and maximize self-care.  Something I learn Dawson is especially passionate about as we discuss all things beauty, including her new partnership with Burt’s Bees.

As it happens, Dawson has loved the brand for quite some time. It’s one she can often be spotted with on movie sets. While filming Zombieland: Double Tap (out later this year), she discovered that costars Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson were both fans, too. “They have a really great tinted lip balm, and Emma was like, ‘Oh is that this color?’ She totally knew what it was,” Dawson tells Allure. “We ended up having this whole love-fest conversation about Burt’s Bees, and how it’s made accessible this conversation on health, ingredients, and our relationship to our environment — even just with the name, Burt’s Bees.”

In addition to new launches across skin care and makeup (more on that later!), Force for Nature, the theme of the brand’s latest campaign, aims to educate consumers on the importance of biodiversity — another cause that Dawson is especially passionate about. “My daughter was coming home from school one day and was like, ‘We have to save the bees!’” Dawson says