A Way To Treat Cellulite And Remove Scars

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Some problems were permanent before, but today have a solution. This is the case with scars, now they can be easily removed, leaving the discomfort behind. First of all, it is important to know that scars are fibrous tissues that replace normal tissues opened as a result of surgery, burns, and other injuries. The skin recomposition process varies according to the body’s responses and can lead to the formation of different marks.

Deep scars are caused by fibrous septos that pull on the skin and form a bumpy appearance. This type of subcutaneous adhesion is also one of the causes of cellulite and that is why this type of scar can be treated with a method that has gained the confidence of women. Known as GoldIncision, it combines biostimulation and detachment techniques, not only to cut the septum and loosen the skin but also to encourage collagen production and improve tissue quality.

The big problem with a deep scar is not the lack of volume, but the presence of the septum that pulls the skin. So it’s no use filling in a deep scar, just as it’s not worth filling in cellulite. This method, traditionally used to treat cellulite, can also be used to treat those with scars, cutting the septum and loosening the skin.

The treatment is not restricted to aesthetics

The method can be used when they form through surgery, accidents, or injuries. Scars appear anywhere on the body, and thus become a nuisance and affect the patient’s self-esteem. This is an effective, safe, and personalized treatment option for removal. It still provides the skin with a more youthful appearance, as it stimulates collagen. Its popularity is undeniable proof of its efficiency, as the results are amazing. According to experts, the treatment is not restricted to aesthetics, as it minimizes other aspects that arise as a result of embarrassment with appearance.

Collagen biostimulation

This is an important step in the treatment of cellulite, as it reduces the flaccidity that usually affects those who suffer from the problem. In the case of scar treatment, biostimulation also helps to prevent the septofibrous from forming again, enabling a permanent result.
Another attractive factor is the non-invasive approach, it does not require complicated surgeries or long recovery times. This allows the patient’s schedule of appointments to be maintained right after the procedure, without interfering with the routine.

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